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What to do in and around Caldbeck on your Weekend Break
We don’t always have time to withdraw hundreds of pounds to go gallivanting across the globe. At times, it can be more exciting and worth-while to pay a visit to somewhere more local, and Caldbeck is one of these places. Whether you want to relax on your own for the weekend or you’re taking your children out on an exciting adventure, the Caldbeck Area always has something for people to do. If visiting this stunning village gives you a serious case of wanderlust, you could always apply for a UKEHIC and travel across Europe to explore more of the world’s beauty!

Lake District Wildlife Park - Bassenthwaite
Whoever said you need to visit an expensive London Zoo to experience a range of wildlife was wrong, as the Lake District Wildlife Park near Caldbeck is home to an outstanding variety of animals. The parkland has an area of 24 acres, where you can watch the enchanting birds of prey soar in the sky, or even watch zebras galloping across the fields. Unlike other wildlife parks, there is a huge emphasis at the Lake District Wildlife Park to inspire and educate others about wildlife. Plus, if your children are becoming a little restless, there is a thrilling outdoor play area for them to gain some more enthusiasm.

Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum – nr Keswick
As the name suggests, this attraction emphasises the fun of mines underground. Although, if you’re not a fan of confined spaces beneath the earth, there is still plenty more to get involved with at this attraction. The entire experience is completely safe, with hard hats to keep you safe as well as provide you with the full mining experience. Throughout your stay, you can also ride a mine train, dipping into the inner quarry and allowing you to see things that you won’t often have the opportunity to see! Plus, this mining museum has plenty of information on offer, and loves sharing it with all visitors.

King Kong Climbing Centre - Keswick
It’s a common misconception that climbing walls are only for children – it provides endless fun and enjoyment for older folk, too! Depending on your confidence and skill, there are numerous walls to suit all individuals, whether you want to start small or go all in straight away! For a proper climbing challenge, there is a Cave System, offering a 50m long journey with endless twists and turns to keep you focused and to push you to your climbing limits. If an indoor experience isn’t enough for you, though, there are also outdoor courses available, including mountain walks and outdoor rock climbing.

Watermill Café & Gallery - Priest's Mill, Caldbeck
If you want your weekend break to be completely relaxed, there are less energetic activities to participate in at Caldbeck, which are all just as fun. The tearooms at Caldbeck have a lot of historical credibility to them, with traditional architecture and a waterwheel. The Watermill Café at Priests Mill specialises in a range of baked goods all lovingly homemade. From lunches to afternoon tea, you can always find a time to pop into this tearoom and enjoy some scrumptious food. Plus, once you’ve finished, you can visit the Wool Clip at Priest’s Mill to browse a range of woollen products and crafts, with workers all passionate about the trade that they do.

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