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Why You Should Visit Caldbeck On Your Weekend Off...

Why You Should Visit Caldbeck On Your Weekend Off
Having a long weekend can often pan out this way – sitting twiddling your thumbs with absolutely no indication of what to do with yourself. But then, when you’re sat doing absolutely nothing, you start to feel guilty “I’m wasting my weekend!” Why not take a peaceful trip to Caldbeck instead? There’s plenty to do for your entire family, and it won’t cost you a fortune either! If you’re familiar with the quaint town of Caldbeck, or you’re from across the continent and excited to visit the tourist town for the very first time, we’ve got all the reasons as to why you should visit Caldbeck on your weekend off!

It Won’t Cost A Fortune
Of course, you could opt for Center Parcs instead, or even a long weekend away to Oslo, but the truth is these excursions are going to cost you a fortune. Whilst both of these locations are packed full of fun activities and break-taking landscapes, so is Caldbeck, so there’s no point squandering all your money when actually, you could save it by going elsewhere! One of the main attractions at Caldbeck is the Lake District, for nature lovers and just ordinary people alike. Activities like this are truly priceless, and you’ll be able to engage in a range of activities completely free of charge – what could be better?

You’re Medically Covered
If you live in the UK, you’re lucky enough to be covered by the NHS, however those travelling from across the globe won’t be so lucky – until now. Being medically insured when visiting Caldbeck can be just as easy for visitors than residents, all thanks to the trusty EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). By investing in an EHIC, you will be covered from head to toe if anything was to happen to you whilst in Caldbeck. Plus, the application process is incredibly easy, and with the correct assistance, your application will become successful in no time, allowing you visit Caldbeck with peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to spend your money on medical care due to an accidental injury!

It might initially seem that obtaining an EHIC is a difficult and tedious process when you’re desperately trying to pack for and plan your exciting trip to Caldbeck, but the truth is that it can take a matter of minutes with the right assistance. Your eligibility for medical cover in Europe isn’t solely dependant on your nationality, and instead is entirely dependable on your insurability under EU law. The UK, for example, might use a residency-based healthcare system and so your eligibility for an EHIC will be determined by your UK residency, rather than previous payments of National Insurance or UK taxes, but elsewhere this might not be the case.

If you are planning a trip to Caldbeck and the thought of getting an EHIC sounds like something you want to do, there are a few things that you should consider before you jump in head first. For example, you must not be insured by another EEA country, otherwise you won’t be eligible for the EHIC – which will leave you unprotected when traversing the historical mines in Caldbeck. It isn’t all doom and gloom though! If you are truly desperate for your EHIC, and you live in a European country other than the UK, you are able to form a request for an EHIC to the appropriate members of authority within your community. After all, who wouldn’t want to unwind within the gorgeous, wildlife-packed Lake District, with peace of mind knowing that if anything was to happen, they’d be instantly covered in a heartbeat?

Learn Some English History
One of the most popular tourist attractions here is Priest’s Mill, where you can find scrumptious tea rooms and historic waterwheel. There is nothing better than visiting a respected tea room that offers the best of the best – homemade baked goods that have just come fresh out of the oven. And then, to walk off all those calories that you’ve just consumed in cake (I’m not judging), why not visit the Wool Clip next door, and spark a new passion for knitting? Who knew?!

Caldbeck heritage doesn’t end there though, as there is quite a thorough mining history associated with the village. You can get a feel for it at the Threlkeld Mining mUseum, just a short drive from Caldbeck. If you’re a little claustrophobic, there are plenty of activities that you can partake in! Here, you will receive the full mining experience and understand what it was like to be in the mining industry during the 16th-19th century. Plus, to top the whole trip off, you can ride a mine train, getting exclusive access to things that the average person doesn’t have access to!

There are many reasons as to why you should visit Caldbeck for your weekend off, but we feel that these are definitely the main ones. With extensive history to magical nature reserves, there is nothing that this village doesn’t offer. Plus, with the right medical cover from your EHIC, you can be rest assured that your weekend off in Caldbeck will be a tranquil one.

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